MUSIC, on the groove

MUSIC, on the groove

Machang Music & Pictures

Machang Music & Pictures co., Ltd is the Culture&Art company running the only domestic Vinyl factory in Korea and also having 50-year recording studio for analog recording. Our main business is label industry specialized in vinyl which are planning, producing, and, releasing vinyl album including new and re-issued album.

We are also designing concerts and music festivals, producing animation films, and trying to develop various cultural heritage with some of the greatest domestic experts in music and film industry.

On the basis of these, we aspire not only to preoccupy vinyl industry in Asia but also to be the 1st(No.1) Asian Culture&Art company leading the Analog Culture.

Vinyl Factory
  • From lacquer cutting to packing
  • All-in-one Vinyl product
  • Obtained the Cutting Engineer
  • Korea made pressing machine
  • 180g heavy weight vinyl
Machang Studio
  • Historic Recording studio
  • Analog recording
  • 4 Neumann Cutting machine
  • Cutting Engineer
  • Vintage Instruments
  • Newly Released
  • Re-issued Albums
  • All Kind of a genre
  • Licensee by global label
  • supporting Indie musician 
  • Concert planning, production
  • Festival Production agency
  • social contribution projects


As the sole and the biggest domestic vinyl factory, Machang Music & Pictures have developed our own pressing Plant System combined with advantage of European device and American manufacturing system through 3 years. Especially, our engineer and technicians achieve to having Vinyl Cutting know-how system and technical skills and applying domestic PVC raw material to manufacturing. Trough these, we have engraved the deeper sound and get 180g Heavy Weight Vinyl manufacturing system can play the music at best quality.

Starting from the second half of 2016, it produces LPs of self-catalog and takes advanced orders of Universal Music, Warner Music and labels of Korean and Asia.


Meet our released albums.


We are not only releasing and re-mastering various albums of various genres but also producing and distributing new albums of domestic and foreign artists.


The 50-year-old “Universal Recording Studio”

Producing the album of ‘Romantic Soul Orchestra’ with carrying the banner for Korea’s last analog recording and vintage sound since the 1990s, ‘Machang Music & Pictures’ merged with ‘Universal Recording Studio’ in 2010, and it succeed and developing itself as a top-notch studio not only in Korea but also in Asia.

Compared to Germany and Germany, it is second to none.

올타임뮤직 대표 심상덕

The sense of space of the instrument being played is still alive

스테레오 사운드 편집 주간 박성수

In the new analog era, I am glad that the vinyl Mastering Engineer has continued to grow.

서울사운드 이태경 태표

Performing Arts & Festivals & Social Contribution

Machang Music & Pictures is leading the performing culture that all artists, audiences, and artists sympathize together. We take on from planning to producing and directing music festivals, performances, national events and social contribution projects of various genres such as Classic, Pop, Korean classical music, and Jazz.

In addition, we are trying to expand the base of culture and arts through social contribution projects with culture and popular music performances.


Animation Centre

 Studio ‘Meditating with a pencil’ is an animation production studio that strives to face audiences with ‘painting with the power of healing, a color with touching’.

We are trying to expand the communication with audiences centered on director Ahn, and “Meditating with a pencil” is listening to others and ourselves in order to be comfort and support for the valuable coexisting lives.


Do you have questions about production of vinyl production?
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